There are numerous reasons to consider solar PV for your home. Obvious benefits include lowering your monthly utility costs, while securing your home’s future operating costs. Also, solar provides a significant amount of property appreciation to your home. With a utility interconnection agreement, any excess energy can be sold to the grid for the “net-metering” rate.

Currently, there is a 30% federal tax credit available that can be applied to the cost of any solar PV system. Our company will research any state, local or utility incentives available and complete the necessary paperwork to secure these funds.

Choosing to install a solar PV system is a practical and profitable way for the average American homeowner to contribute to economic and energy independence in an environmentally beneficial way.


Small Commercial

Nearly all of the benefits that are afforded to homeowners can also be applied to business owners. There is currently a 30% business tax credit on the cost of a system. In addition, accelerated depreciation (5 yr MACRS) can dramatically reduce the overall cost.

A variety of financing structures are available for businesses that own their property. A state-wide program called Property Assessed Clean Energy (or PACE) allows commercial property owners to make the renewable energy improvements in a way that cost-beneficial from the moment of install. Specialized areas such as agriculture have their own unique benefits and incentives.

All of our installations are completed by licensed, bonded and insured tradespeople who are familiar with the safety, mechanical and technical codes and requirements that a safe and successful solar PV installation require.


Off Grid

Although it’s more affordable to combine a solar PV system with connection to the utility grid, there are circumstances where this isn’t physically or economically possible. In these situations, our company can provide systems that use technologically advanced battery-backup systems that work with your solar PV system to store energy.

In addition, there are a variety of products that can incorporate fuel generators to supplement energy if necessary, giving you several layers of redundancy to continue to operate comfortably in remote or adverse conditions.



Sunny Day Solar is available to help investigate, plan, incorporate and install your solar PV system. We work with a number of different product manufacturers and distributors to find unique and comprehensive solutions to your renewable energy needs. Our company is able to provide both design and consulting services independently, or in conjunction with a completed project from our business.